About Us

Motionwise is a part of a family-owned electric motor and actuator company founded in 1995 and is the primary designer, engineer and manufacturer of height adjustable desks. They began distributing height adjustable products in Europe in 2012 and is currently one of the largest suppliers of desks in the European marketplace. In early 2015, Motionwise had begun distributing throughout North American retail channels utilizing independent distributors.

The North American Market is inclusive to three different “series” of desks. Home Office, Manager and Executive. The differences lie in the surface dimensions, number of motors and frame.

Why Sit & Stand

Studies have long shown the health disadvantages of prolonged sitting. An overly sedentary lifestyle has coined the term “Sitting Disease”. Sitting disease can lead to metabolic, heart, back and productivity issues.

Here at Motionwise, we wanted build a solution that counters these disadvantages and improve the quality of life we all deserve. The engineering and designs of our desks accomplished just that.

The benefits to standing are very much similar to walking. You receive better blood flow throughout your body, increased energy, better posture and burn more calories.

Our desks allow users to manage their sitting and standing time on a day to day basis greatly reducing the threats of sitting disease.