Electric Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desks

Motionwise, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for height adjustable furniture, offers the 21.6”x25.6” Diversa Series Pedestal Desk/Table designed with comfort height ranges from just 30.5 inches to nearly 45.5 inch by incorporating a single, paddle-controlled, pneumatic piston for fast, quiet, cordless operation as the deep-grain black or white surfaces offer attractive additions to any school, home, office, warehouse, factory or medical facility.

Versatility means Diversa-function and the Motionwise Diversa Series offers just that. Your Diversa desk can function as a child’s desk with pencil tray and cup holder when compressed to as low as 30.5” working height that can grow as the child does. Use the Diversa desk in front of the TV and eat on the couch without scrunching over or use the Diversa desk in an apartment or dorm room where space is at a premium and still enjoy the advantages of a height adjustable work surface for better health.

If mobility is required, simply insert the included roller-ball wheels and your Diversa desk becomes the mobile Diversa desk that can take paperwork and electronics from the job site to the patient, allowing the user to sit or stand, while completing their work.

Made with a heavy duty metal frame and including roll-about wheels, plus pencil and computer display slots, beverage and bag holder, the Motionwise Diversa desk offers years of use while the included tools reduce set-up time to normally less-than ten minutes

Motionwise Diversa Series…ideal as a table, incredible as a desk.


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