Electric Height Adjustable Sit & Stand Desks

In times of health-related risks caused by bacteria and/or viruses, it is critical that people remain cautious, aware and prudent to remain safe. To that end, Motionwise has taken its immensely popular 24’x48” Sit/Stand, Home Office Series desk and added an anti-bacterial surface for added protection against mitigating diseases and illnesses. Now, instead of just greater health from standing while working, Motionwise prevents germs, thereby creating a clean, safe, working environment for the entire family.


The Motionwise surface is embedded with a proprietary, copper alloy to create intrinsic properties that destroy a wide range of microorganisms that bacteria can’t live on, thereby making it effective against forms of bacteria such as E. coli and MRSA. Simply shine the provided UV light on the surface and you will see the blue anti-bacterial logo assuring you that your desk is at work, keeping you and your family healthy and safe.


The programmable, height-adjustable controller not only allows the same desk to be used by adults and children in a sitting position, it offers any user the opportunity to periodically stand while working, thereby reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis and often-fatal pulmonary embolisms, while working on one of the cleanest, safest work-and-study centers that can be used by the entire family.

Ease of Assembly

Designed and developed to European standards, the Motionwise Home Office Series comes pre-wired and virtually pre-assembled and requires less than fifteen minutes for complete set-up. Constructed with a durable steel frame and adjustable leg levelers and storage drawer, the deep-grain white surface offers an attractive addition to any home or office, while the programmable four-position height adjustment controller allows the same desk to be safely used by mom, dad and children as young as age six.

Be safe! Be secure! Be confident with the Motionwise 24”x48” Home Office Anti-bacterial desk.

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