Elite Series

Sit/Stand – Bamboo Surface Home Office Desk

You’ve worked hard and take pride in your home. You’ve examined options and finally found precisely what you are looking for – a deluxe sit-stand desk, that provides beauty while retaining incredible durability WITHOUT deforestation and environmental damage.

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and can literally be “mowed” and regrown at the rate of nearly 36 inches per day without hardwood deforestation. Bamboo offers the warmth of hardwood and is durable enough for high traffic area flooring while maintaining its beauty without the risk of nicks and scratches found in so many other quality hardwood furniture surfaces.

Sit/Stand Versatility

While the bamboo surface is reason enough to consider the Motionwise Elite Series Desk, it is constructed with a durable steel frame, adjustable leg levelers and storage drawer, while the programmable four-position height adjustment controller allows the same desk to be safely used by mom, dad and children as young as six and done so at the optimum height for each user whether they are sitting or standing.

Ease of Assembly

Designed and developed to European standards, the Motionwise Home Office Series comes pre-wired and virtually pre-assembled and requires less than fifteen minutes for complete set-up.

Helping Save Our World, One Desk At a Time

The neutral Smokey Gray woodgrain design will work with any décor and yet, the Motionwise Elite Series bamboo desks are not only durable, but will help save the planet through re-forestation, reduction in carbon emissions and climate change mitigation as additional groves are planted to meet the growing demand for this renewable resource.
Be safe! Be secure! Be confident. Help save the environment with the Motionwise 24”x48” Elite Series Sit/Stand Bamboo Surface Home Office desk.

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